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About Us

BALANCE by Sharon Gutierrez was established with the sole purpose of making shopping & styling easy while improving children’s lives through business. When you shop at you’re helping a child in need around the world. With every purchase, we donate 15% of the proceeds to  Outreach International, a non profit organization fighting poverty. We are working around the clock to improve children’s lives by helping provide shelter, a balanced nutrition, clothing and education. 


BALANCE provides all costumers with the full VIP experience from easy shopping to styling to your very own personal pop-up shop upon request. We will drive the shop with the latest trends and staple pieces to you! Look fabulous in style while being socially conscious. Have a special request? Send us an email at and we will help you find the perfect item(s)! Please note pop-up shops are only available now in Orange County, CA.


Founder Sharon Gutierrez created “BALANCE by Sharon Gutierrez” with a self-empowering idea of helping others through style and responsible practices. This business model will help advance health, education and economic opportunity for children and their communities around the world. Everything and everyone need balance in life. We hope you join the movement for a positive change and purchase at with full confidence that you are improving a child’s life. The sole purpose of BALANCE is and will always be to give back to those in need. Join our newsletter for monthly news and charity updates.