1. Bedtime is when all the beauty happens. 

Let's face it, sleeping with makeup on "because you're too tired" can mean you will pay the price later in pimples, pink eyes and other non fun ways. But the worse part of it all is that you're missing out on applying targeted skin care before a long and restful time, perfect for deep penetration and adverse effects from sun exposure. Bedtime is the perfect time for deep moisturizing, fighting future lines, treating your lips, cuticles, heels and other problem areas. Its time to pull in your big girl pants and  get the job done! Your skin will thank you over time.

2. Skin care isn't just about your face

When it comes to skin care it includes your neck and chest area, all the way down to your nipples. Without daily broad-spectrum sun protection and adequate moisture, these zones can quickly start to look weathered before their time. So keep on going down! You'll be glad you did it when your neck and chest age as gracefully as your pretty face. 

3. Sunscreen really is the best anti-aging product a woman can use 

At some point, usually in you 30's, the visible effects of past sun exposure really begin to surface- not just dark lines, but discoloration and dark spots that are hard to treat and tough to cover up. So it's as simple and hard as that. Be diligent about applying sunscreen on exposed skin every day.

4. Treat yourself to spa treatments!

One truth that really sinks in as you get older: How you feel makes a huge difference to how you look. So don't feel guilty on indulging and spending money on beauty rituals once in a while. Treat yourself at least once a month, you deserve it! It's important to take care of ourselves and relax. 

5. Lack of sleep leads to more than dark circles 

We all come face-to-face that we are not in college anymore, staying up late continuously and pulling all-nighters tend to leave us looking more than just sleepy-eyes. Studies show that sleep deprivation makes your skin dehydrated and tired-looking. I know it's hard, but shoot for seven to nine hours of beauty sleep per night. Lastly, not only will sleep help you look better but it will help you feel better. No cranky lady bosses going into work, am I right?!  

After all, our 20's are often about following trends, exploring new things and living somewhat care free. Adulting doesn't mean we have to stop being fun, but it does mean we have to start taking care of ourselves because no-one else will. Paying attention to our bodies and treating it right will benefit us in the long run. Don't feel pressure to look like celebrities or the pretty blog girl on instagram. Find your favorite feature and highlight it everyday, because nobody else will have the beauty you were born with! 


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