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What is Jade Rolling?

Jade rolling dates back centuries in ancient Chinese history; its Jade stone is a sign of power and immortality and has been used for healing in traditional Chinese medicine.

A jade roller is a handheld two-sided jade stone device that is used to massage your face and get rid of bad toxins and even out your complexion. It boosts blood circulation, reduces under eye swelling and stimulates Qi of which the Chinese call the “life force”.

Benefits of Jade Rolling
Removes bad toxins
Drains Lymph Nodes
Depuffs Skin
Relieves Stress & Tension
Helps with Dark Circles
Relieves Sinus Pressure


How to Use a Jade Roller?

I use my jade roller at the end of my day. I begin with a face wash followed by applying toner, face lotion, and vitamin E oil. I then start rolling my jawline and cheekbone area outward with the bigger jade stone and continue the same outward movement throughout my undereye line and forehead. I then flip to the smaller jade stone to roll out my eyes, nose and template area. I end the process by rolling my neck downward with the bigger stone which feels amazing after a long day of work. When you are done, clean your jade roller before putting it away. It can be wiped gently with a soft damp cloth then dried.

For additional ways to roll you can leave your jade roller in the freezer for a chilly roll massage. You can also use your jade roller over a sheet mask to absorb all of the benefits that come with the sheet mask.  



Things to Know

  1. Roll outward and upward from center of your face; do not go back and forward.
  2. Beware of fake jade rollers, as these will easily break and won’t provide you with the benefits of a true jade stone.
  3. Do not soak your jade roller under hot water or expose to harsh chemicals.

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