Whether I am traveling for business or pleasure I always make sure I keep a healthy diet and do some physical exercise to keep a balanced lifestyle on the go. Packing right and knowing your essentials before heading out is crucial for a good trip. There is nothing worse than feeling “not yourself” because of lack of sleep, feeling bloated and stressed.

I am not a travel junkie, but in 2019 I already flew out of town two different times and the year has just begun. Last year, I had 10 different trips that I really had to get serious about my traveling habits and packing needs. Here is a quick list of what I do to keep healthy while traveling. 

1. Pack right for your trip

Know what your body needs to feel sane and balanced while traveling. For me, packing vitamins is essential to my health as well as supplements like calcium for an enhanced sleep. I bring a shaker with me along with some matcha green tea and protein powder. Skin products are a must like face lotion, masks and my jade roller! I pack moroccan oil to keep my hair looking descent, advil & toms just in case, some exercise items and essential oils to keep my body at peace.

2. Find fresh food at the airport

Airports are the perfect place where healthy habits go out the window. Flying can take a toll on your body from the security lines to the layovers, followed by the long and uncomfortable flights. I always pack protein bars and fruits on my carry on like apples and bananas for snacking. When looking for a meal, I always pick the healthiest option with fresh vegetables and lean protein. Choose water, and drink lots of it; I always bring a hydro flask with me to refill with water and stay hydrated during my travels.

3. Stay fit in your hotel

Exercise is important to me, it helps with my self-esteem and overall is great for your health. Most hotels have a gym which I try to visit for at least 30min a day, usually in the morning as this sets the tone for the rest of the day. But let’s face it, most days we have busy days filled with meetings or excursions, so I utilize my hotel room as a workout space. I bring with me easy to pack accessories such as sliding disks and resistance bands in my bag as these are essential to a good and quick workout.


As long as you pack smart, have self-control and some motivation, your fitness regimen never has to suffer when you’re on the go.

Happy Travels! 


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