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Wedding Stationery

During the wedding planning process, you will spend precious time and money on beautiful crafted wedding mail that will most likely end up in a trashcan. It’s up to you how much time & money you spend on your wedding stationery or if you decide to go green and do everything online! I decided to go half and half; meaning I chose e-cards for our engagement party and bridal shower invitations and spent money on pretty mail for save the date and wedding invitations.

What I am about to share with you all is based on my personal learning experience. There is a million ways to go about wedding stationery, so I am sharing my do’s and don’ts!

Save The Date

Ready to let people know you’re tying the knot? Save the date cards are important to your guest and to yourself as these will set the tone for your wedding, so choose wisely! Your save the date card will most likely be on your guest’s fridge leading up to your wedding day.

Here are 3-save the date tips for you:

  1. Information is short & simple (your names, wedding date, location, and a line indicating that the official invitation will be coming in the mail).
  2. Engagement photos are a great way to personalize your card, however only pick one or two photos, less is more.
  3. If your wedding is an adult only event, this is the time to let the know.

Save the date are typically sent out 5-6 months in advance. If you’re having a destination wedding, your guest will need to know at least 8 months prior. This will allow them to plan accordingly with their work schedule, book a flight and hotel, find sitters, etc.

To save money, I created my own save the date on photoshop and printed at staples, even used a coupon! I did everything online and the staff was super helpful answering my questions. I was even able to create 3 different save the dates, well because the hubby and I couldn’t decide which photo(s) to use… sounds familiar? ;)  


Wedding Invitations

For me, the wedding invitation is the most elaborate piece of mail your guest will receive from you during the wedding planning process. Although these are typically forgotten, hidden in a drawer or overlooked; I think it finalizes the wedding touch your guest will get from you before the big day! Wedding Invitations need to be sent out 3 months prior to your wedding. This is where you let your guest know the timeand placefor your ceremony and reception, registryinformation, a mapif you think it’s necessary, RSVP deadline with card and envelope, accommodationsfor out of town guest, and your websitelink. Again, if this is an adult only event please reinforce this information on your wedding invitation.

You can pretty much add anything you want to your wedding invitation. However, with wedding websites being so popular now days I chose to save some tress by skipping the RSVP card & envelope and having all my guest RSVP online. This was a great way to have my guest visit our wedding website!

By the time our wedding invites had to be made I had very little time to work on these, so I had a professional design and develop my invitations. Yes, they were expensive but like I already mentioned, to me this is the final touch before the big day! The envelopes were even sealed with gold wax and stamped with our initials (so extra I know). 


Guest Information

You’re going to ask your guest for their mailing address more than once, trust me! To save you time and headaches, start an excel sheet with your guest list from the beginning. This will come in super handy through the entire wedding planning process. This is what I included in my chart:

 Name | Plus 1 | Address | Email | Save the Date | Invitation | RSVP


Wedding Day/Weekend Programs

To stay organized and to keep the wedding party and my close family informed of things, I created a program that matched my invitations to let them know about the daily activities and who is requested to attend these events. And yes, I also included a photoshoot schedule, so they know when and where photos are being taken. I found this to be super helpful as I’ve been to weddings and we have no idea what it’s going on during important moments like ceremony rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, family photos, etc.Here’s what I did:

Day before

  • Rehearsal; place & time (parents and wedding party ONLY).
  • Rehearsal Dinner/Welcome Party; place & time (close family, wedding party + significant others).

Day of

  • Bridal Party- meet up place & time.
    • Make-up
    • Hair
    • Photos
  • First Look- place & time for Bride & Groom.
  • Pre-ceremony Photoshoot with groom & wedding party.
  • Post-ceremony photoshoot with family.
  • Post ceremony Bride and Groom photos.


Happy Wedding Planning!



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